Laserbeak is a main character in Transformers Loud. One of Soundwave's minions (therefore being able to transform into a cassette tape), he acts as the Destrons' main eyes and ears, going into places most of the others can't go and getting all of the information he can.

Personality Edit

Laserbeak's attitude is very similar that of an Earth bird. More specifically, he acts like a vulture, often perching onto ledges and forearms when off-duty, and striking his opponents hard and fast on the frontlines, or when he's ordered to take out a specific target.

History Edit

The War for Cybertron Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Abilities & Equipment Edit

Transformation Edit

Flight Edit

Thanks to his rocket pack, Laserbeak's able to fly great distances, which also helps him to move through areas with great ease.

Blasters Edit

Laserbeak has two blasters attached to his rocket pack, which are able to paralyze opponents. They're also very damaging to Cybertronian circuitry.

Spy Camera Edit

Laserbeak houses a spy camera in his forehead which he's able to record information. He's also able to sometimes send his findings directly to Megatron or Soundwave.

Relationships Edit

Cyclonus and Soundwave Edit

As his guardian, Laserbeak respects Cyclonus and Soundwave as something akin to a master, often perching onto their shoulder or forearms.

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